Coffee shop hunting

One of my most favorite things to do is to go sit in a coffee shop and order the most exotic looking latte or hot chocolate ( I am new to the coffee scene so I’m sticking with Latte’s ).

Some of my favorite Latte’s include Hazelnut Creme Brulee, Cinnamon and cocoa and Caramel Vanilla but to name a few. Where do I drink all these creative sounding drinks? My favorite coffee shop in Taiwan called Dazzling Pink. This shop does not just have amazing Latte’s, but it is a pastel photographer’s dream location!

The most exciting part of the coffee shop hunting is not just the Latte’s and biscuits you get with it. It’s the exploring part to find the coffee shop. A lot of the most majestic and photogenic coffee shops are located in the strangest alleys and buildings. When walking into the street or building the coffee shop is located in I’m always wondering “is this a scam?” or “am I going to get mugged?”. But, then you walk into the shop and it’s absolute heaven.

Taipei makes sure that if it looks like heaven you will pay for heaven. Taipei’s cost for drinks is something to get used to ( and I’m not just talking about alcohol). On average in a coffee shop you will pay between $ 150 – 200 Taiwanese dollar. Where at the same time you will pay anything between 150 – 300 for a decent breakfast depending of how fancy the place is.

Recently I discovered an Instagram page called A Style Alike. This business is run by two South African women living in Taipei, Taiwan. They provide information on the best online shopping websites and run a killer lifestyle and fashion blog! I love their Instagram and blog so much because just like me they travel around Taipei and go to amazing looking coffee shops and eat meals that looks like it’s made by a Greek God AND then they write about it so we can all know about it and go check it out!

Here follows a link to Liesl & Tieneke’s website and Instagram page. Really worth a follow and a like!

Ps: They have a stunning online shop!

A Style Alike

A Style Alike Insta

The featured photo is one of the places I visited that A Style Alike have been at! If you are also an exotic Latte lover like me comment and tell me your favorite drink and where it’s at!